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How Does It Work?

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Find what fascinates you & choose your course

Pick any course of your choice in which you want to upskill yourself. Like Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Cadd, Tally, Video Editing, Excel, etc.

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Learn by doing

Practically apply all of the things you learnt in between the course and see results on the screen in real time. We also provide latest softwares and systems to work on.

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Get instant expert feedback

We have industry leading experts that provide you the best knowledge and guidance that will clear out all your doubts instantly and build up your confidense.

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Put your learning into practice & find your dream job

After completing the course we will provide you the certificate that is valid nation wide and will also provide you job assistance so you can land your dream job.

What You Get


100% Practical Live Classes

We will provide practical & interactive live sessions to all of our students. So it will be fun to learn new things quickly & easily.


Mentorship & Certification

You will be conducted by the top teachers in the field with in-depth knowledge of the softwares and the industry you want to work in.


Access to all the Latest Softwares

We keep all of our softwares up-to-date, that allows our students to get the best technology and eventually a better job.

What Our Students Say About Our Institution

I have enrolled in Jain's computer for website designing course I have done graphic designing part by Jain sir......his knowledge over the subject is really extraordinary......he teaches so well with clearing all the doubts in the class......Jain sir has completed Corel and photoshop software at the professional level and Illustrator has been covered by the Aadish sir ......i had gone to another 2-3 coaching before I join Jain's computer but when I knew about this coaching by my friend and then I checkout their site in the Google and all the reviews then I joined Jain's computer ......the environment of coaching is really friendly and awesome ..... students are really comfortable with each other and staff is really coperateble specially aadish sir .... And currently Jain sir started coding in Dreamweaver ....is really has great depth of command over coding.....so if you are looking for web designing or graphic designing you must visit Jain's computer first.... Thanks

Move over Picasso, step aside Da Vinci, because after attending this computer coaching center, I'm pretty sure I can create masterpieces in CorelDRAW that would make even the most seasoned artists jealous. Not only did they unlock the mysteries of CorelDRAW for me, but they did it with such finesse and humor that I almost forgot I was learning. Forget about boring lectures, here it's all about turning pixels into pure gold while laughing your way through the process. Thanks to this place, my designs are now so sharp, they could cut through a hard drive like butter.

hi...my name is harsh dusad. I have learned graphic designing, video editing and digital marketing courses from Jains Computer Centre. I tried joining other places also but I did not get the experience there and then I joined Jains Computer Center or my experience was better there. This helped me a lot in my insurance work also, now I have been able to create different types of designs, marketing, ads easily, or I would recommend everyone that if you want to skill yourself then you should definitely join this institute. thank you jains computer for your support.

Jains computer institute is fantastic! I had a great experience learning there. I have learnt many course like Basic of Computer, Fundamental of computer, Graphic designing, interior and exterior designing, Cadd Softwares, video editing and Digital marketing....As I have completed number of courses from Jains computer I have also observed that Jain`s computer also run many authorised courses like government courses RS CIT, CCC, PGDCA, BCA and much more..The instructors are friendly and helpful...

I am very thankful to Jains Computer for the excellent coaching they have provided. As a student in interior and architecture design, the support has been outstanding. Whenever I missed classes, the institute arranged backup classes for me, and the faculty went above and beyond to help me catch up on the missed portions. The coaching starts from the very basic level, ensuring that students do not face any difficulties in understanding the material. The faculty members are highly experienced, making the learning experience even more enriching.

Hello myself rownak I am currently doing digital marketing and video editing course from jains computer. This institute provide quality education on various topics and provide complete job assistance to each and every student in our batch, it is a good place to upskill yourself with practical and live demonstrations. Best digital marketing course in my opinion. Overall highly recommend this institution to everyone.Thanks Jain Sir😀

I am currently studying tally and advance Excel at Jains Computer and it's been a great learning journey. Tally course at Jains Computer is well organized. Along with the best education, one gets authorized certificate of tally .They teach us step by step, which makes it easy to understand accounting and how to use Tally. I 'd recommend Jains Computer to others who want to learn Tally in a friendly and practical way.

My name is renu and I am doing interior designing course from here. This course include all the major softwares like Autocad, 3ds Max, Revit architecture, V-ray and Sketch Up. Now I am able to make plans on these softwares in 2D and 3D. They explain very easily and professionally. Highly recommended this place to all the people who wants to learn these softwares. This is an authorized Cadd Centre and they are partnered with AutoDesk with all the licenced softwares. Thanks Jain's Computer and there team.

I am a student of Jains computer Training Centre, and I completed my Graphic Designing and Web Designing course from this Institute. and my experience here has been really good. And the faculty here is very experienced, and the environment is very good. The latest design software is regularly updated. And institute actively helps students in developing their portfolio.I am very lucky that I got a chance to learn in Jains Computer and I am happy to tell you that today I have become so capable that I got a chance to handle Jains Computer.And I also suggest all of you that if you are planning a career in computer line then you must visit Jains Computer once.and i really thanks to Jains Computer and Jain Sir.

Hi my name is Kunal jain and I am student of digital marketing and tally from jains computer. And I want to tell you all that this is my best experience so far and this institution have provided me very crucial knowledge and I am very satisfied with the results I got. I have also tried many other institutions before but no one reached the level of expectations except jains computer. I highly recommend everyone to persue a course from this centre. Thank you very much.

I am doing auto cad electrical course from cad center jhotwara (Jains Computer), I am enjoying the atmosphere of the institute here, I am enjoying the faculty here, sir, we explain our tools and topics very well. I am really enjoying this course, if you also want to develop your skills then you must visit Jains Computer once.

I recently completed a web design course at Jain's Computer Training Centre and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn this skill. The course was well-structured and comprehensive, covering all aspects of web design from the basics of HTML and CSS to more advanced topics such as JavaScript and PHP. The teaching staff were all highly experienced and knowledgeable, and they were always available to answer any questions I had. I also found the class size to be ideal, as it allowed for plenty of individual attention from the instructors.

As A student currently enrolled in a Tally Course at Jains Computer. And my experience here has been much better than my expectations. The institute course content is quiet comprehensive. They teach us about GST and the important rules we need to know. It's helpful for understanding taxes in business. Along with the best education and one gets authorized certificate of tally. And I strongly recommend this institute for future accountant.

I am garima and I am pursuing Tally professional course from jains computer classes . I really enjoyed my studies with jains computer . I benefited greatly from the convenience of correspondence study. You have helped me to continue my education during a very demanding time In my life thank you jains computer faculty 😊👍

I am student of Jains computer training center and I have completed Advance Excel and my experience here has been very good .They provide best quality education and I like the way of there teaching and it is very easy to understand. Now I am also doing graphic designing course from here. It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you Jain sir.

Jains computer is institution for your bright future. Here you can learn about many courses like • web designing • graphic designing • interior designing • video editor any many other courses run by this institution. I'm glad that I'm also part of this institution. I learned many things in this institution.The staff is extremely fantastic. Specially jain sir and aadish sir. At last I want say if you have interest and want to make your career in computer line then you must visit jains computer.

I am doing tally professional and advance excel in jain computers from 3 months. The facility are very friendly and it is a very good Institute for a computer training. I am learning here since 3months . Jain sir always give me a suggestions and advice like a friend. I fill good here always. If you are looking skills development courses you should definitely go for Jain computers.Thanks for Jain computers and Jain sir.

I am studying advance excel and tally from Jain's computer. They are providing a friendly environment and very good support specially sanmati Jain sir. They are matching the Market standards with latest softwares. Once again thank you Jains computer and there team.

Hi ...... my name is Tusi Gupta.and I studying in Janis computer....and my course is (web designing)I really thank fully there all teachers.....and there is a really good study and study materials......... And also confertable envarment..and good conversation to a student... There are all students are give equally importanc... And also Help To evry student to any switchcation...... Thank you to all teacher..... Specially Aadish Sir ...🙏

Hii Ayan!im a autocad and interior designing student.I was impressed and inspired by your program. I always recieved prompt and useful feedback from my teacher.The cource is without a doubt one of the best investments I have made in myself

Hello!I am learning Tally professional and advance excel here since 2 month. I was impressed with the institute before I joing here.Even after I started going to class it always made me feel good to spend my time here. Especially Jain sir he always gives you suggestions and advices like a friend. I never felt bad here thank you all teacher

Hi shahzin! I'm a AutoCAD interior designing student. I would like to thanks you for the helpful guidance provide by the Jain computer. I'm happy with my teacher's who is very efficient and shared his knowledge and experience with me

I am doing Tally Essentials course at Jains Computer. And this is the perfect place for doing Tally. They not only increase learning capacity but also increase behaviour and manners. My experience is very good in Jains Computer. Teachers are very supportive and all staff is very nice. If you are looking skill Development course you should definitely go for Jains Computer.

I believe that I made the right decision by choosing the Jains Computer. They guided me in every way they could .They provide best quality education. I liked the way of teaching and it was very easy to understand. I am student of Graphic Designing And Digital marketing. Job placement support here is quite good. They encourage us to be creative. I strongly recommend this institute for future graphic designer.

I am doing besic computer and advance Excel. Overall I love all the class I have taken through Jain's computer. All the instructors are kind patient.they are very experienced in the programs. I have recommended this course to all my friends and in family. I enjoyed my course very well. Especially thanks for Jain sir.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless of your professional background, our experts will guide you from the fundamentals. Even if you're not proficient in English, we have you covered. Our comprehensive teaching approach ensures everyone can benefit from our courses. Join us for a learning experience tailored to your needs.

Experience a personalized learning journey with our step-by-step process and one-on-one interaction with our top tutors. Our expert instructors are here to address all your queries and ensure your understanding at every stage. Join Today & Boost your skills with us!

Discover the unmatched education at Jains Computer, a trusted name for 25 years. Our courses in Digital Marketing, Tally, Cadd, Website Designing , and more are better for a few key reasons. We've been around for a long time, showing our dedication to teaching. Our students consistently do well, landing great jobs after graduation.

Our classes stay up-to-date, making sure you learn what's relevant. Experienced teachers with real-world knowledge guide you, and we work hard to help you find a job after you finish. At Jains Computer, we're here to support you and help you succeed in video editing, digital marketing, Tally, and beyond. Join us for a reliable education with a 25-year track record of success.

Jains Computer Coaching Centre has been a trusted institution for 25 years, consistently delivering high-quality IT education. Established in September 1999, our enduring presence reflects our commitment to excellence in the dynamic field of information technology. Over the years, we have evolved our teaching methods, staying current with industry trends, and witnessing numerous success stories among our alumni. The 25-year milestone symbolizes our dedication to providing a nurturing learning environment and preparing students for successful careers in the ever-changing IT landscape. Choose Jains Computer for a proven track record of educational excellence and a legacy of 25 years in shaping IT professionals.

At Jains Computer, we prioritize the global recognition of our students' achievements, that is why we collaborate with major industry players such as CADD, Tally, NIELIT, RKCL, etc. The certificates awarded are not only widely accepted across various industries in India but also hold international recognition.

This strategic partnership ensures that our graduates possess credentials that resonate with employers globally, enhancing their prospects in the international job market. Rest assured, your certification from Jains Computer carries the weight of renowned industry leaders, providing a valuable edge to your career.

Certainly! We welcome prospective students to visit our coaching centre before making any enrollment decisions. It's a great opportunity to experience our learning environment, interact with our experienced instructors, and get a firsthand look at our facilities. During your visit, we'll be happy to address any questions you may have and provide insights into our teaching methodologies.

Please feel free to reach out to our administration to schedule a visit at a time convenient for you. We believe that seeing our coaching centre in person will give you a better understanding of the enriching educational experience that awaits you at Jains Computer Coaching Centre.

At Jains Computer, we prioritize your success throughout your educational journey. Our comprehensive support system includes personalized mentoring, ensuring that you receive individualized attention. We offer job assistance services to connect you with relevant employment opportunities upon course completion. Additionally, our dedicated faculty conducts revision classes to reinforce key concepts, and regular doubt-clearing sessions are held to address any queries you may have. Beyond academic support, we provide assistance with software-related queries and challenges. Rest assured, our commitment extends beyond the classroom to empower you with the skills and confidence needed for success in your chosen IT field.